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Hi everyone, welcome to Wealthy Against All Odds website. As a young girl, I always thought working hard at school and getting employed was the best and most effective way to achieve wealth and living the Life of my Dreams. I left Varsity in 1997 feeling achieved with my Degree in Administration ready to conquer the World-full of endless possibilities. In my mind, I would be employed within 3 months of leaving Varsity, which I did, thank God; I would have my 3-bedroom house within 3 years and have my Harley to ride through the small town of Lesotho.

10 years later (2007), I was employed, married with one beautiful daughter, alas, without neither a Harley nor a House, but I did manage to have my 2-sitter bakkie on a loan. My life was OK, but less than the perfect vision I had. That little girl dream of living a struggle free life seemed like a far-fetched story.

My hunger for wealth and freedom however never died down and I searched for solutions. Where, how and what I was searching for, I had no idea. I definitely needed some guidance but there was none at hand.

The search went on till in 2011 when I did my Master’s degree, where I explored trading as an option, finished that degree and struggled through business as a small entrepreneur. This search went on with some WINS here and there, until I attended a free Wealth seminar in Johannesburg, in 2018.

I had stumbled on a Financial Freedom course, that gave me a clear and simple doable direction and road map to build assets to achieving my wealth goals. My search ended, with a new-found freedom to focused wealth-building tips, tools and strategies leveraged on my own research, experiences and the work of other experts and players in this field. I am in a better position in 2019 financially and going strong.

Save Your Way to Freedom

Just as I struggled through the rut-race to achieve a steady road to freedom, I realized the value of giving back. The biggest lessons for me are, most people fight to get out of debt, want the skill and knowledge to save and invest, require simple techniques and tools to build wealth at any age all while enjoying LIFE and are HAPPY.

YET, they have no idea where to START.

Teach A man to Fish, set him off for Life

This website intends to provide the necessary guide and advice on how to manage your money, build consistent wealth and become rich at any age, what key areas to focus on, why and how to save, where to invest and what investment options to consider and more and more tips, simple tools, strategies and techniques to use on money, budget and investing.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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